Why Stretch Marks Cream Don't Work on Me!

Why Stretch Marks Cream Don’t Work on Me!

People those who are suffering from stretch marks always look for the various manufacture cream available in the market. Many options are available for such people in the market. And all of them would claim that your stretch marks would be removed if you use their product. But while choosing a cream for stretch marks many people are faced with various kinds of problem. Now the problem arises that how to choose a cream that really suits you?

Whenever you choose a cream for stretch marks you may look for these two points

What ingredients are used to manufacture the stretch mark cream

Most of the available creams in the markets for stretch marks are same as moisturizer. Stretch marks are not only on the outer surface of our skin, rather they extends deep in our inner skin. So to apply a normal moisturizer on our outer skin is not a remedy for stretch marks. So before you purchase any such cream you should look the trilastin ingredients in detail and analyze that weather this skin would penetrate in your skin to remove the stretch marks.

Understand the type of stretch mark you area having

Different type of treatment is required for different kind of stretch mark. You may look for the type of stretch mark you are having before you go for any treatment regarding this stretch mark problem.

Various kinds of stretch marks from which you may be affected by are:

Why Stretch Marks Cream Don't Work on Me!

  • A newly formed stretch mark would appear pink in color– As already mentioned a normal moisturizer cream would not penetrate in skin and hence would not work on stretch marks. Thus a skin chosen by you must have a property to penetrate deep inside your skin for the treatment of stretch marks.
  • Old occurred stretch marks appear dark in color – On the top of old occurred stretch marks the formation of dead cells starts occurring. The dead skin cells must be removed from the stretch marks before we are going to start any treatment for the stretch marks. A cream containing exfoliating ingredients must be chosen for such kinds of stretch marks. The exfoliating ingredients would remove the dead skin cells and would let the active ingredients to penetrate deep in our skin for the treatment of stretch marks. When you start the treatment the dark color of the skin will fade and the dead cell would become soft. After all the rough and dead skin cells are removed then the cream will start the regeneration of new skin cells by penetrating deep inside our skin.
  • Prevention of stretch marks – As we already know that stretch marks are caused in women due to pregnancy and in adults it is caused due to increment in weight. So, to avoid such kind of ugly problem one must exercise regularly to increase the elasticity of the skin so no tears occur.

In the last I would also prefer you to buy a cream made out of natural products as they are one which would have the least side effects.